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Boom, Travis Haley covered off everything I was going to say.
Key points, yes and he touches on the best point: cost.
FWIW, the Nutnfancy project who was a huge critic of airsoft has come around to the benefits for repetition training etc (yes, I know he's a douchebag, so focus on Haley's comments).

But the absolute critical point to keep in mind that Travis mentioned at the start: perils of backyard shooting. NEVER brandish your airsoft guns within public view. This includes in a private backyard where ANYONE can see you. I don't know about your setting, maybe you live on an acreage or something where your neighbour will ever see you. Also, check with your local bylaws on if the discharge of airsoft guns is permitted within your town or city, if you let us know what municipality you live in on here, folks may be able to help you out in this regard. In general, best to set up a range in your house or garage where you can practice manipulation.
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