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1) this is not a new rule on Facebook, it has existed for 5+ years.
2) They are just enforcing it more finally due to the mass shootings in the USA and lawsuits
3) They will not ban links to retailers and other websites as this is the source of 90% of their revenue from ads.
4) it is okay to link to a website as long as it is not a direct link to a sales ad.
5) Many people in the airsoft community have known about these rules for years, some even talked about it years ago but said lets see what happens, well its finally happened, but the base allowances are still there and allowed.

Sound familiar? It another "Airsoft is Banned In Canada" panic attack.

Calm down. WE ASC are still here, the forums work great.
Scams due to the Age verification program are next to nonexistent.

Just tell your FB friends to sign up here all is good.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.
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