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You know our AV system works wonders when I get PM's asking me if there is any support ASC can give over a scam deal on another forum/FB page to the person who was scammed for their $$/goods.

Our system works, as we hold our members who take a few minutes of time to read and get AV'd to a higher standard of responsibility and honour then most other pages where everything is handed to them on a golden platter.

Problem with the golden platter is most times is just highly polished brass plating hiding all the rust underneath.

Yea we might have some rust here at ASC, but it is improving and functioning that in the past 10 years I have only had to deal with about 3 legitimate trade complaints, 2 of which were resolved quickly and 1 that resulted in an AV removal. Compared to the early days and pre AV status when it was almost a daily occurrence.

I'd rather have that "rust" then be all fluffy and glitter covered and not be able to offer some level of support in a trade gone bad dealing (heck another forum mention on this thread I have received 3 Pm's regarding bad dealings on it asking if we could help as the admins there just wash their hands and say not their problem), in one of the cases I could as the person used their AV status here as a reference and confirmed via our PM system who they were for the dealing.
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