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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
Hold on... cue ALLLLLLLLL the users who bitched and complained and swore against using ASC as a means to sell. "FUCK THAT AND YOU ASSHOLES IM NOT GONNA GET AGE VERIFIED CUZ MY MOM SAID IM SPECIAL" etc etc etc....

Well to those tweens, I say 'Welcome to ASC'.
It's a mob mentality thing.

I found that if you steer clear of the generic "how do i see x sub forums" or "how do i get age verified" thread people get upset when we reply with "please read sticky" or "you need to be AV'd to see" because it seems like a daunting task when you first hear about it but it's not that big of a deal once you actually do it.

It's like going to a restaurant and you see something on the menu, and the waiter tells you it's for VIP's only in a snobby way, you would feel like, "ok obviously you don't want my business here so i'll leave" kind of impression. At least that's the impression I get when we tell people to get AV'd.

With Facebook all you need is an email and a phone number and that's it. It's accessible to anyone and everyone but that's not the point of being AV'd. It's supposed to be at least somewhat arduous but not impossible, however, it makes it that much more intimidating to start the process when they sense "elitist assholes" which scare away newcomers. And then others read that one thread and get the same impression and leave as well.

I would have thought airsoft on FB would be prohibited since it's already against ToS on craigslist and kijiji places alike. Kind of overdue. Sucks to be venders who advertise solely online who don't have a website though.

TL;DR, the way some people tell others to get AV'd feels like the when clique in highschool that always goes "you have to be in our club if you wanna know what we're up to" which is pretty off-putting.
Originally Posted by Danke
No, you're going to stop and find someone near you in this subform.

Then you will pay that person to fix it for you.

Then you're not going to let your friends play with anything unless it's made by Fisher Price.

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