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Canada isn't the only country affected though. There are plenty of other countries that don't have forums like this dedicated to make buying/selling airsoft guns easy and safe. For many, Facebook is the best option. Even in Canada though, Facebook is still a great way to sell stuff. When I post a sale on ASC, it gets ~50 views in 24 hours, but if I post it on Facebook sales groups, it gets hundreds of views in less than a day. Yeah, if I intend to ship my item out to someone, I want to use the AV'd section so I KNOW I don't get scammed, but if I intend to make a local sale, which is far more convenient, then Facebook is the fastest way to make money off airsoft. Now that option is eliminated because "toy guns are bad"
why would you care about anything being sold outside canada, given the import rules already?

Why should we care that someone in the us can't buy their pew pew on facebook? We have asc and local forums to do our own business. Need something that isn't on the locals that someone else has on THEIR local forum? oh hey, drop them a msg and see if they'll ship, as long as it's legal to import. Or what, are we the only community to figure out that there are other places to sell shit other than facebook?

I don't see what the big deal is.
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