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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
meh, I kinda prefer buying/selling on forums... even discussing stuff is much nicer on a forum platform. Facebook's layout is not conducive of any discussion of depth.

Buying and selling here is easier because of the AV system filters out the retard kids that lowball a 600$ rifle for 50 bucks, and history of buyers and sellers can be easily tracked with the trader system available to forums, instead of trying to search for a guy's name to see if he had any dealings only to find nothing because he deleted his posts after the item sold or there was a dispute.
This. Unlike Facebook classifieds for the most part... you have a measure of accountability here because people need to actually be verified as adults to purchase guns. It felt a hell of a lot more like a close-knit community because you knew people made the effort and jumped through the hoops to get verified.

A return to how things were on ASC years ago? Yes please!
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