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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
meh, I kinda prefer buying/selling on forums... even discussing stuff is much nicer on a forum platform. Facebook's layout is not conducive of any discussion of depth.

Buying and selling here is easier because of the AV system filters out the retard kids that lowball a 600$ rifle for 50 bucks, and history of buyers and sellers can be easily tracked with the trader system available to forums, instead of trying to search for a guy's name to see if he had any dealings only to find nothing because he deleted his posts after the item sold or there was a dispute.
Canada isn't the only country affected though. There are plenty of other countries that don't have forums like this dedicated to make buying/selling airsoft guns easy and safe. For many, Facebook is the best option. Even in Canada though, Facebook is still a great way to sell stuff. When I post a sale on ASC, it gets ~50 views in 24 hours, but if I post it on Facebook sales groups, it gets hundreds of views in less than a day. Yeah, if I intend to ship my item out to someone, I want to use the AV'd section so I KNOW I don't get scammed, but if I intend to make a local sale, which is far more convenient, then Facebook is the fastest way to make money off airsoft. Now that option is eliminated because "toy guns are bad"
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