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KJW 1911 Compatible Externals?

Hey everyone. I am planning a build and I had some questions. I've done some searching but most topics are on MEUs or hi-capas, and even then I'm not really getting the info I want or need. I do not want a MEU or hi-capa, I want to mod a standard 1911.

Anyway, I am looking at buying a KJW 1911 as a base gun. This one here:

Or the Skeleton arms M1911 by KJW:

My question is...are these compatible with TM external parts? I am looking to change the slide catch, thumb safety, trigger, hammer, grips and slide. The slide is the most important thing I want to change so I can put some 3 dot irons on it. I hate the fixed sights that come on this model. I suppose my real question when it boils down is, are these 1911s capable of taking hi-capa slides?

After I get all the externals I want I was looking for internal upgrades as well, If I need them. But I will come back to that when I need to.

Before you tell me to go with TM...I own a few TM pistols and they are amazing. But If I get the TM 1911 and a metal slide for it, will it not eventually crack the frame? I also know I can get a full metal kit for a TM 1911, but they come with the slide that has the fixed sights that I hate, so I would have two spare slides laying around(the stock plastic and the one that comes in the FM kit). Unless I have no choice for what I want, I'd like to avoid getting a TM.

Anyway, sorry to bug you all with another 1911 thread. I just figured you all seem to know what you're talking about.
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