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Classification on importing accessories...


I am up to date with import laws on an entire rifle, in term of fps. However, I am interested in importing accessories and was wondering at what point are they considered something that resembles a real firearm?

For example, I am assuming if you ordered a full PDI drop in VSR-10 set (everything but the stock), that would not be allowed? Does this change if I order everything but the trigger (if you can see what I'm getting at)?

I would like to try and order everything through Canadian retailers, but sometimes they are out of stock, or just don't carry what I want.

Anyway, any help (links to legislation) on this one would be great.


p.s. I am mostly talking about bolt action spring rifles. And I read through the "Importing Airsoft and You" thread. I saw receiver was included, but I was wondering if that includes spring bolt actions? As part of the entire question.

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