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Originally Posted by Legoman2179 View Post
Also, I think once you get to be 18+, thats a little old for airsoft and you should grow up.
Originally Posted by Legoman2179 View Post
Adding to that, I don't want to have to get some old, dumbass guy in his thirties to age verify me just to ask a question about a barrel or battery for my krytac. We all share a love of airsoft and you guys need to be more open to younger kids playing or the sport of airsoft will die. It is becoming a sport that kids play with their friends, not where adults play with strangers.
Originally Posted by Curo View Post
Realize this, adults, make the world go round. Adults and the 30 somethings you complain about made this sport, run the events, fields and shops. This sport, any sport would not be anywhere without adults.
I wouldn't even know about this sport if it wasn't for the thirty and forty-year-old dumbasses who introduced me to it. I'm thankful for the road the "older" guys have paved to what we have today. Sure its not a perfect system, with funny import laws and tight firearms regulations, but thanks to them the sport has grown and made it accessible. Be thankful you don't live in Australia. I'm amazed at how ungrateful some people can be.

Have you honestly ever been to an actual field? There is a real diversity; youth your age with their parents or friends, tons of guys in their 20s all the way up to their 40s or older. If you show up to a field or event with this attitude I guarantee you won't last long. Sure, we're all strangers, but we all share a common interest. Even your best friends were strangers at one point...
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