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reading your entire post, not only do I not think your mature enough to play, I think your entire attitude is what is killing the sport. Being a good at airsoft has nothing to do with age and everything to do with attitude and quite frankly yours is your age, childish.

True the policey and treatment of this site of young underage players wasn't the most mature in the past but has gotten allot better and tolerant. It is an attitude like your own that led to that original treatment.

[QUOTE=Legoman2179;1971316 Also, I think once you get to be 18+, thats a little old for airsoft and you should grow up. [/QUOTE]

What once we hit 18+ we can't be active, have a hobby, spend the money we work for the way we want? You realize the sport only grows and expands cause adults spend money on it. The only sense of protection this sport has from being banned is the adults. So what adults shouldn't play video games, or hockey. Yea, lets stop doing things just cause we become old enough to be held accountable, sign waivers or vote.

Realize this, adults, make the world go round. Adults and the 30 somethings you complain about made this sport, run the events, fields and shops. This sport, any sport would not be anywhere without adults.
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I know that isn't really what you asked, but it's the internet, and I like to type things that don't matter.
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