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Everyone who says that all kids can't have airsoft guns are retarded. I have my firearms license and I'm 14! I shoot .22s, my mosin, a sig, I even bought my own shotgun! I think there are definatly some kids who shouldn't have guns but that is up to their parents whether to get them or not. I am more mature than most of the people in my airsoft group. Also, I think once you get to be 18+, thats a little old for airsoft and you should grow up. All I'm saying is, most kids over 13 are mature enough to be safe with airsoft guns, and if they aren't, let their parents decide. If a parent lets a kid get a gbbr and he starts shooting and running around brandishing it, is his fault he gets arrested. I asked about a good plate carrier and no one gave me an answer worth shit just because I'm 14. I'm probably a better airsofter than any of you!! Age verification is bullshit, and if some kid wants advice on a sniper to play with his friends with, give him some damn advice. Hell, he will get a sniper anyway so at least give him some advice NOT to get one that shoots 500 fps. It will turn out better for him and will be safer. Seriously, you guys are a special kind of people...
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