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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
WE does make some WWII stuff, but wouldn't count on their QC to last you in the long run.. they are good for collectors imo. (no spare parts for those guns, not like their G17, etc.)

IIRC Airsoft Depot has the luger and p38 in stock. 240-280?

There's a big wwii group here in Toronto, think theres a post in the "Ontario Teams" or Ontario section, check it out, maybe give one of them a PM, they might be able to help you / recommend you items.
Oh neat thanks! ya, I was told the p38 isn't legal due to being 4mm? or something. I am thinking of just going for the WE Luger since I found it for 219 or so only problem is the place I found it doesn't have a propane conversion kit or free shipping unless I buy a few extra mags i guess......
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