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How is BabyOh?

I'm feeling especially old today. Yesterday I did something stupid and fell off some precariously stacked crap trying to fix a broken eavestrough. I came down badly and bruised a rib or two which makes it hard to do anything like twist my torso. Coughing, burping, laughing, farting hurts. I move around the house like a Dalek with a jammed head dome bearing.

Time for more alcohol.

It would be grand to get together good ole Team Colostomy Bag for a game again. Tru might still have that ridiculous Gigant in his collection. We'll get a heap of NiCd packs together and Wayne will bring some JACs. I have a MGC that still works somewhere. To save our old knees I can give everyone a bunch of grenades so we don't have to rush around corners or tiring stuff like that. Heck, if OPFOR manages to dive on a grenade thrown by Team Colostomy Bag (sponsored by AI), they get to keep the grenade. That should keep things easy for us.
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