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If you want to do this right you should do a Google survey or survey monkey and do some sort of draw to incentivize people to respond. Nevertheless...

1. On any given week, up to an hour. More if the AO is quality.
2. Warm months: every week. Cold months: once a month
3. Siege: overcrowded, could use their space better. See my review.
4. I prefer outdoors, but a facility that combines indoor and outdoor us best.
5. At a regular field: Less than 30 is fair. $20 is ideal. Events can be $50 or more.
6. People not hit-calling, bad admin, bad refs, unclear rules or boundaries.
7. Own
8. N/a
9. Every other month
10. $100-$200
11. No
12. All airsoft is good airsoft.
13. Only if my friends are.
14. Yes

*Busy signing for his packages*
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