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Originally Posted by Kelseamac View Post
Ok, so I think i'm going either get the AK74UN (CM045A), or the AIMS PMC AK (CM050A)
Final question is, for outdoor games, would the PMC be noticeably more effective (range)?
(i'd eventually be able to put in a longer inner barrel + cover it with suppressor)
I suppose you'd have a very slight edge with the PMC but it doesn't make a giant difference in all honesty. I used to own a CYMA AKS74UN with a Madbull tightbore and a Guarder clear hopup rubber and that thing could reach out and touch someone.

If you plan to strap accessories and upgrade, at this point it seems to come down to just external tastes. I'd probably go with the PMC since you get rails with it already, however I also like the 74U because its really compact and light. Its your call buddy. Either one is going to be fine for outdoor.
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