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Did try a different propane tank? If that propane tank's pin is too deep, no propane adapter will ever engage the pin in that tank to release gas.

I use both a AI and SPEED adapter and it works with every propane tank so far.
So weird, it is definitely engaging the pin but for some reason it is just not working out! In the paint illustration I accidentally left a tiny space in the first reference hehe sorry bout that. I meant it actually pushes on it but its just engaging it differently.

Originally Posted by redzaku View Post
I have had one of the tanks and never had a problem, even with both polymer and metal ai adapter
From what I am seeing is that you have an empty tank, from personal experience that once you use a fresh tank, it should be difficult to remove the adapter
Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
This could also be silly. But is the propane tank full? An empty tank will also give the same symptoms as in your video
Originally Posted by jordan7831 View Post
Like the above. Try a different tank if possible. Also there should be a probe on the adapter to test if the tank is full.
Or maybe the mag you have is quite recessed. Of that's the case. Remove the floorplate. Kr attach the duster adapter if you have it.
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Sometimes magazines with a huge floorplate need a special adapter or you need to remove the floorplate.
I just bought a BrenzOmatic propane tank from Home Depot.. I bought the 4 pack.. Same thing with all of them. Also tried taking off the floorplate, exact same results
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