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Since new changes in life, i require close and easily accessible facilities. Siege is the only one I attend to now. Haven't checked out UA in forever, also because it's quite far from me. (I live downtown)

1. How far do/would you travel to play airsoft?
- Depends on venue
- 20 - 30 minutes

2. How often do you play per month?
- Depends on price, 2-4x @ $20.00, 1 x @ $35-50+

3. What do you like/dislike about the current fields you play on? (Design/Layout, Services, Fees)
- Speedsofters, no strict rules, griefers aren't booted for the day, nor cheaters.

4. Would you play at an Indoor facility
- Yes, make sure it has A/C. (Warehouses usually don't)

5. What do you consider a fair price at a top quality facility or event?
- $25-30, unless there's some kind of "event" then it's not worth $30+ imo, since it's just a death match, then why not just play at UA or Siege. IIRC UA has $20 cash days.

6. What experiences, good or bad have you had at other fields/facilities?
- Cheaters, and cheaters.

7. Do you own your own gear/guns?
- Yes, if you're thinking about renting out guns, then you should have a few at the very least.

8. If not, would you rent from the facility and if so, what? (gun, gear, face pro, all of the above)
- All of the above, but you should display sanitary bottles/wipes, and make sure the face pros are well cleaned after each use.

9. How often do you visit an actual business licensed airsoft field?
- 1 x month

10. How much monthly do you spend on airsoft?
- $100-1500

11. Are you part of team?
- No, but i have a large group of players I bring, which in turn can negotiate a price reduction with 10+ ($-5), 15+ ($-10) people.

12. Would you attend special events/training, regular play or both?
- Yes, if the instructors are reputable, and the price is no more then $20.00

13. Are you interested in Province/League competition play?
- de_dust2 erryday.

14. Do you enjoy teaching new players?
- Yes, but I'm paying for a game that I want to play - If you accept walk-ons and let other people teach them, then I don't see a problem... but I'm not going to go out of my way to teach players, other then to shoot properly, and the basics.
- Siege would do some training with instructors (refs), and I would occasional join for fun, on the slower nights - this would teach the new players/rentals (2-5 people) how to clear dark rooms, and what to do in different situations. Was quite fun while it lasted. *ahem phil*

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