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1.How far do/would you travel to play airsoft?
-Depends on event and length

2.How often do you play per month?
-It varies, recently, not much due to life. When I have the time/$, fairly often

3.What do you like/dislike about the current fields you play on? (Design/Layout, Services, Fees)
- Too much CQB, I live in Richmond Hill, in the GTA, we don't have outdoor. That said, I like the fact SIEGE alters the field often enough to stop it from getting boring. Ultimate Airsoft is a shithole, their staff may as well not exist.

4.Would you play at an Indoor facility
-Already do

5.What do you consider a fair price at a top quality facility or event?
-Again, depends on Facility, field, staff and length of play

6.What experiences, good or bad have you had at other fields/facilities?
-SIEGE, as it's the "local" field, has great staff, good rule enforcement, good field layout.
A lot of the "new" players in the community are fucking retards though, they sit in the middle of firefights after getting shot, and whine when they keep getting shot. They're in the middle of an active firefight. Same with their guns, they complain people aren't calling hit when they're shooting stock G&G and CYMA types guns at a target way out of their effective range. A lot of my complaints would be about players and a lack of common sense.

7.Do you own your own gear/guns?
-Yes....... more than I want to tally the price of.

8.If not, would you rent from the facility and if so, what? (gun, gear, face pro, all of the above)
-If I didn't, I might just to try it, but then I'd get my own. If I forgot something at home, I'd likely rent it.
9.How often do you visit an actual business licensed airsoft field?
-Refer to question 2

10.How much monthly do you spend on airsoft?
-Not much outside of field fees and maybe BBs

11.Are you part of team?
-Small team, mostly made up of friends from the CF

12.Would you attend special events/training, regular play or both?

13.Are you interested in Province/League competition play?
-No, as it's likely to suffer the same problems faced in paintball, mainly that prizes or ranking bring a lot of the COD type bullshit attitudes and cheating. People are too obsessed with their "K/D Ration"

14.Do you enjoy teaching new players?
-If I think they'll listen, more than happy to pass of what I know, but I'm not interested in wasting my time and breath if I don't think they'll pay attention.
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Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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