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1. Farthest I've traveled for a game was Picton, I'd be willing to travel farther if the quality of the AO and the length of the game was worth the time/gas. (ie. Milsim West type)

2. I play 1-2 times a month if time/money allows.

3. Siege: Field gets overcrowded very easily, Long wait-time between games. However I like its changing layout, size and staff.

Picton: Overused field, absolutely brutal when overcrowded, some areas need to be fixed. I like that its a huge AO, both CQB and woodland mix, lots of parking space.

Finches: Completely woodland environment, love it. I want more milsims to happen here!

Barrie Paintball: Huge field with lots of outdoor structures and props. Are games EVER hosted here?

4. Yes I would, provided its big enough and the field is modular.

5. 20-40 for an average skirmish, 60+ for a milsim event.

6. My issues have mostly been with cheaters and newer players not following rules/ leaving milsims early because of burning themselves out.

7. I own my own equipment.

8. If it was reasonably priced and well-maintained.. yes.

9. Rarely... they are all pretty far from me so I mostly order online.

10. Not much now since I own all the equipment I need... 100-300 max?

11. Yes, I love them <3

12. Absolutely.

13. Not sure if this would be wise.... breeds an attitude of cheating and winning at all costs.

14. Yes, I'm open to teaching new players that have a desire to learn and listen.
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