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  1. Far depending on the game's AO (ie. Milsim West or American Milsim games)
  2. 1-4 every month or so, varies quite a bit.
  3. Layout and the size of the field has always been my biggest factors for me. What I dislike about most fields is the lack of elaborate structures, "cover" and/or layout, a small sized field (so small), and now of days, all of the regulars. Personally I prefer more urban environments which are very tough to come by in Ontario, however that is not to say I wouldn't play at a heavily wooded field such as Finches, I just don't get the same enjoyment hiding/shooting behind trees vs. clearing rooms and buildings.
  4. Yes
  5. $20-$40 for a Public game, $80+ for a "Milsim" Game
  6. The Good:
    - Siege, has excelled at being the top indoor field in the GTA IMO (Field Size and the constant layout changes).
    - Flag Raiders Outdoor, still is one of my favourites for the Layout/Field Size.
    - Barrie Paintball, same as FR Outdoor, except bigger, just a shame the owner prefers Paintballer over Airsofters.
    - PRZ, overall one of the top fields Ontario offers despite the overwhelming amount of games played there/the hellish drive there and back.

    The Bad:
    - The fact that paying a membership fee, basically allows players to do whatever they want without any repercussions from the field owners. I have witnessed too many confrontations and issues caused by these players, with field personnel letting the shit fly because they are paying members, or regulars. I have not once seen a player be ejected at any Public Field for the above reasons.
    - Regulars or "Locals" at Fields (See above statement).
    - The overwhelming amount of new players with any lack of guidance, resulting in really really really poor sportsmanship.
  7. Yes.
  8. No.
  9. The same as questions #2
  10. Varies, $20-$600+ or more depending on the month/if there is a certain game happening.
  11. Yes.
  12. Yes.
  13. A Milsim? Sure. A day of Skirms? Fuck no bud.
  14. I enjoy teaching new players like most people I'd assume would, however the amount of Randy Johnson Syndrome caused by all the FB Airsoft groups, has altered my willingness to do so. Going to a public game for me is like taking a swim in the ASC Newbie Tank. I'd rather not do it unless I have friends to drown in the stupid with me. Now that isn't to say most of the players fit that stereotype, however, decent players are quite scarce now a days, with any out there being absorbed by teams quite quickly.
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