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Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
Duck those guys. They don't even call hit if you full auto their scuba tanks. Some days I can tolerate them, and others I just try and avoid them completely unless its Dunes.... ill chill in the ravine thanks.
Exactly, this also proves the point about "speedsoft" and the rep you get for that sorta shitty play style. I've shot them myself when they were on my team (idiot ran through me and my buddy's active line of fire, crab walked into the open, got shot up and continued to crab walk to a tree) and they still don't call themselves out. They've violated a bunch of field rules and have taken their masks off on field during an active game as well, surprised they still have their eyes.

Another time I approached one of them to get a ref to take them off the field for full auto/overshooting a 13yo rental kid, under MED's in a spawn building during a scenario game and the fucker ran off. They're friends of that one idiotic paintball pseudo staff at Panther so its annoying as fuck, but hopefully they'll be gone from the field soon.
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