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Currently, my opinion of Milsims are only from what PestoBanana had posted earlier, as I have no such experience.
As of this moment, the phrase 'speedsoft' to me means pretty much TDM, Sabotage, One-Man-Army, etc game modes that are played at my local indoor airsoft arena, UACQB. If my definition of 'speedsoft' is inaccurate, let me know so I can change the OP to be more accurate and so I don't feel that people are judging me for playing (according to my definition of) 'speedsoft'.

Again, if ANYONE knows of places in Toronto that I can play casual scenario games and/or milsims, that are also new player friendly and for fairly cheap since I haven't decided on gear yet, please enlighten me.
Also, if you know ways of getting a large group of beginners into milsim, who are reluctant to even play/get into airsoft, lemme know ASAP, Thanks~

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