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Originally Posted by Nectarines View Post
Yes I understand why people hate speedsoft, but it's also one of the only ways that me and my friends, whom of which has never played airsoft before, can get a taste of the game. Sure, you can call this justifying speedsoft, but if you have alternatives to where a new player can learn milsim/operator, with pretty much no gear and as little money invested as possible - I'd LOVE to hear it. Bonus Points if the location(s) are within Toronto.
I'm not sure why you think having/wearing certain gear equates to or is a requirement to play scenario games. I know a good number of new players who run just an AEG and a hicap or a few midcaps in their pockets, and they have no problems playing casual scenario games. I personally just run a chest rig and a few low caps and pull a civilian operator look for casual scenario games and have no issues at all. To put things in perspective, you carry more bb's in one 400 round hicap than I have in all my mags on my person for a 4+1 mag loadout.

Of course, full on Milsim Events might have gear requirements, but those don't happen often enough for a newer player to be concerned with.

Casual scenario games/Milsims are a mentality, and is not often defined by gear. Of course some people might think that way, but some people also think the world is flat, so to each their own. For me, its "practical is tactical" while other guys just tack a ton of useless gear they'll never use for a certain impression. But airsoft is pretty much what you make of it, you could technically run just a pistol at a scenario game, playing the role of a downed pilot who just had a sidearm and a few mags.

If you stick w/ the speedsoft mentality, you'll find people won't like playing w/ you very quickly and it won't be a very fun experience for you in the long run.
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