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Skip the Raider-L, its a nice basic gun, but you'll be wanting more in a few weeks.

Save up a bit more and look into the G&G SR series, its a step up from the Raider's and they're great entry level guns out of the box. Has a basic mosfet, not the best, not the worse, but a mosfet regardless, and a few neat features as well.

As for speedsofting... get out of that mindset, its a shitty gamestyle and plague for airsoft. You're pretty much bringing the shitty mindset, playstyle, and "fuck the other team" culture from paintball and bringing it to airsoft. Its gotten to a point where fields are banning that playstyle completely, and I honestly hope it happens everywhere.

We've got a few "speedsofters" locally, aka 3 fatass paintballers turned shitty airsofters who run hot P*'s and get off on overshooting little kids. Don't know why they aren't banned yet, but basically no one likes playing with guys who have the "speedsoft" mindset.

Reddit: Your Opinion On Fields Banning Speedsoft?

Jericho's IG w/ more details.
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