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Originally Posted by DMB90 View Post
The only problem I have with PTWs is their cost. I have a dozen of different AEGs and GBBRs but stopped using them after I got a PTW. Yes, the parts are more expensive but they are way easier to maintain, way more accurate and give you somewhat of a recoil feeling as opposed to an AEG. The only problem I have had so far was the broken motors which had to be sent to TAC. But once he moded them nothing compares anymore. TAC has a facebook group "Tackleberry's Systema PTW User Group" where you can find out more from PTW users.
Otherwise I like the AEGs which allow you to change the spring without having to open up the gearbox.
I have a PTW.

I don't know what recoil you are talking about. PTW motors are horrible, they fail both due to design flaws and Systema's horrible construction. Tackleberry can fix Systema's horrible construction, but it does not change the flawed design. I have seen Tack'ed motors fail in person. The design had to be severely compromised in order to fit inside a 1:1 grip.

PTWs are not more accurate than AEGs.

The only reasons to buy a PTW are 1:1 spec, ease of disassembly for the less technically inclined, and stop on empty. A well built AEG will be far more durable internally, have more durable electronics, will sound much better, will be more efficient, have better battery space, have better trigger response... The list goes on.
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