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Originally Posted by Nectarines View Post
@BioRage, When I went to get av'd yesterday, they said it'd take 1-2 weeks, I didn't know that it'd be so quick since they made it sound like it'd take a while.
@Pestobanana, Thanks for the quick reply, I guess I'll hold off on joining the milsim until I get a detailed event of what I should get from my friend. Thanks again for the advice and quick reply.
Everyone is new at some-point, there are some nice threads around on ASC stating what you should bring and what you shouldn't.

I'm sure Night Fall 5 signups will go up early next year, so find a squad and join up.

Skip the raider, borrow your friends gun, and save for a VFC, classified is always open too.

Was a nice VFC SOPMOD that just got sold for $325.
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