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Kryptik Pig
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Not even working for me

I in fact just bought the GSG-522 (it came with a spring M1911 also).I unboxed it, went outside to try it out. The instructions told me to load the bbs into the compartment and to rotate the wheel at the bottom of the magazine. I did that until all of the bbs were at the top of the magazine. I put in the mag and I started shooting (full auto) 2 or 3 bullets came out and nothing else. I pulled out the mag and 3-4 bbs just dropped out of the gun when I pulled the mag out (where u put the magazine in, a bunch of bbs came out of there). I put the mag back in and rotated the wheel again and it wouldn't work. I flipped the gun upside down and it was shooting fine. Is there something wrong with my gun? Somebody plz help me
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