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As a relatively new player, I've considered cranking the hop up to take it under field limits. Yeah, it's a poor thing to do and a bad move. In the end, I didn't go with that but went the proper spring route.

I've played a lot of paintball in my time and I appreciate the effort staff take to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules. If you don't like their rules, don't play there -- plain and simple. There are fields for everybody but if you find none of them are suitable for you, maybe the problem is just that -- you.

In the end, have fun, call your hits and enjoy the rest of your life eh? It's a past time.
"...However, if preserving the integrity of the gun was the only factor at play then clearly the best option would be to run a 0.0v Lipo and run around shouting 'bang'."
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