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Originally Posted by RainyEyes View Post
Actually this is a pretty good point... who is to say that after they chrono your gun, you can't go back to your private room to do a quick spring change or something?

I would recommend placing a sticker similar to the "warranty is void if seal is broken" sticker on the body of the gun that is required to be disassembled, where if there is signs of tampering it may mean that something has been done to the inner workings of the gun that affects FPS, but because each one dismantles differently it wouldn't be feasible. I don't see hop-up adjustments having that significant of an impact on the FPS, but other things like NPAS, barrel, and spring changes do have a big affect on fps. For example, staff would slap a sticker on the line that connects the upper and lower receiver (in AR platforms for this instance). If someone were to tamper with the npas or swap barrels, they would have to "field strip" the gun, and the broken sticker would indicate that something had been tampered with.

Forgive me for going off topic, but pesto does raise a good point.

Perhaps they should start installing cameras in all locations if this is such a pervasive issue as an alternative solution.
I dunno how I feel about this. Airsoft as a whole is an honour-based sport; it depends on people calling out their hits. We leave our equipment out in staging while we go and play trusting that our shit doesn't get stolen. For such an integrity-intensive base in our sport, we shouldn't be having to go quite this far. Random spot checks on the field are probably sufficient; hit checks happen and help deter cheating, so the chrony field checks should help deter modification after chrony. Maybe I'm just being naive and idealistic though...
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