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I understand that people are getting sandy because they believe that peoples guns are shooting hot, because certain individuals BBs seem to hurt more when they are hit by them.

While you may think they are shooting hot I am aware of several people who have reticently discovered (and now love to exploit) that you can achieve a greater pain/ratio while staying under the field legal FPS limit by "joule creeping" with heavier weight BBs which is more prevalent with HPA, but also works (but to a lesser degree) with GBBs and AEGs.

Basically it would require the fields to set and test for both FPS and joule limits in order to enforce their pre determined "fair and safe" FPS and impact energy limits for all the players on their field. Fields messing with the hop ups at the chrony station sounds more like a failure to understand the problem and jumping to a feel good quick fix solution that doesn't really solve the problem or address the issue at hand. But then I guess that is par for the course for most of the liberal government policies and laws in this country, so why should an airsoft field be any different.
"Are you going out LARPing in the woods with your friends this weekend?"

"First of all it's called airsoft, and second you can't bring the foam lightning bolts
you made unless the crono shows they are under the FPS limit"

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