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I have no issue with being chrono'd, I do it whenever I get told to, my issue is with the hop up adjustments and having half an hour wasted in a lineup because QQ a ball of plastic hurt me at 380 fps. And yes, you CAN get a general idea of what to set your hop up to to shoot straight-ish in less than a minute, but when you play in bigger fields and long range engagements are common, you want to shoot as straight as possible which takes a much longer time, time which would otherwise be spent landing accurate hits. I reset my optic because even after spending about a minute setting my hop up to an acceptable level for CQB, it was completely off the dot for some reason, so I had to pull out a dime and turn the knobs a few clicks, wasting time and ammo on making sure my gun shoots the same as it was before. Twice.
Your better off listening to pesto on this one bud, he is one of the best techs/docs in Canada. He knows what he is talking about. He sells setups to other people who are more than willing to pay up to and over a grand for his setups because he is that reliable, skilled and knowledgeable. Hell I have an r-hopped inner on the way from him as we speak. And the only way I can see you needing to re-zero your optic from only a hop adjustment is if you are using a vsr pdi double arm hop unit (that is unless of course something was installed incorrectly and the employee fiddling with the hop somehow managed to seat everything properly causing a difference in the impact area) either that, or you are using a very shitty optic that won't hold a zero.
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