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Originally Posted by Handsonic View Post
I have no issue with being chrono'd, I do it whenever I get told to, my issue is with the hop up adjustments and having half an hour wasted in a lineup because QQ a ball of plastic hurt me at 380 fps. And yes, you CAN get a general idea of what to set your hop up to to shoot straight-ish in less than a minute, but when you play in bigger fields and long range engagements are common, you want to shoot as straight as possible which takes a much longer time, time which would otherwise be spent landing accurate hits. I reset my optic because even after spending about a minute setting my hop up to an acceptable level for CQB, it was completely off the dot for some reason, so I had to pull out a dime and turn the knobs a few clicks, wasting time and ammo on making sure my gun shoots the same as it was before. Twice.
I'm just going to say that I care about precision. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't be using expensive PDI and Prometheus barrels, spending the time to R Hop them, and use a 2 MoA dot RS optic. If your setup is precise, you should be able to readjust hop up in under a minute. My setup had a 420mm PDI inner, it was shooting too hot. I dropped in a brand new never tested 303mm inner to lower the FPS and game it for the day. It took me 10 shots to adjust my brand new R Hop, and I did not have to adjust my sights.

If you had to change your optic setting, chances are you aren't shooting "the same as it was before". To be honest, it sounds like a problem with your setup, not a problem with your hop up being moved. If you aren't able to repeat your results, its either an issue with the equipment used or user error.
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