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Its STANDARD practice to chrono everyone with hop up off, for the reason I've already stated. If hop up is turned off and the mistake is made of chronoing downward, it will cause a drop because the hop up is not locking the BB in the chamber. If you don't want your gun to get chronoed, maybe you should play at Warsoft where people shoot at 500 FPS and don't care. I've literally seen a BB get stuck in someone's vest from shooting too hot. Maybe then you'll appreciate chrono rules.

You wanna know why nobody chronographs propane GBB pistols? Because nobody runs them with extended inner barrels. Do you have any idea how much effort it takes to get a propane pistol to shoot 366 just to be legal to import? Maybe we should be chronoing all Wal Mart springers we see at games too. I guess some day somebody will modify it to shoot 400 FPS.

If he think's he's been wronged, have him post. I love hearsay though, everyone loves drama, but do you wanna know why its not admissable in court? Its unreliable.

I'm not accusing you of lying, nobody is accusing you of lying, but second hand stories are known to be unreliable and exaggerated. Damn, you had to set your hop up twice? I did too! I brought my girlfriend and I did two in about a minute. I don't understand why resetting your hop up requires you to reset your optic.
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