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Me, and the person in line in front of me, and my friends all had to have their hop ups turned off for the chrono. The Siege staff turned it down, and they did it before chronoing once, meaning it wasn't "just to make sure it's not JUST above/below the limit". When I first came in, the staff member holding my gun to chrono it told me he will have to turn off my hop up, so I told him I will shoot very low regardless and I don't want my hop up messed with. He told me he has to do it anyways, so I, without a choice, let him. He turned it off and chrono'd, and I was shooting 315. With hopup on I generally shoot between 340 and 350, so I don't understand why they feel it's necessary to turn it off and make me shoot lower.

They didn't only mess with hop ups because of the complaining kid, they were doing it all night for all players, but not to GBBP's that run on propane.

I heard that a hop up was destroyed from a member of Aegis, who I definitely trust.

What do I gain from lying? I don't complain for the fun of it, this was an actual concern for me and my friends and when I was told not to worry about it by you guys, it turns out I should have. And no, setting hop up does not take 1 minute. When you have your hop up tuned to perfection and your dot is sighted in perfectly for that setting of the hop up, and then the staff messes with it, it is EXTREMELY annoying. I had to reset my hopup and resight my RDS twice in one night because of this, and I still have plenty more fondling to do to my hop up before it goes back to what it was before.

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