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I know the Siege staff, they're not stupid enough to destroy someone's hop up by trying to adjust it. Maybe your friend should post specific details about how it was "ruined".

Are you also seriously bitching about how long it takes for you to adjust your hop up? Really? It should take no more than a minute if you're SLOW. If you had a Viper Tech, I'd understand the pain. If you have an AEG, quit your complaining. Even then, why does it matter? The rules are there for a reason. I've seen people cheat the chrono at games/fields I've been at. Do the staff at Siege think 10 FPS makes a huge difference? Probably not. Does their insurance company think it makes a difference? Yes. If you knew half a thing about how airsoft guns work, you'd know that you can drop 100 FPS by over cranking your hop up.

When I was there yesterday, I had to chrono my guns. One of them was shooting 390, so I popped in my spare 303mm barrel group, dropped it to 365. They checked my hop up to make sure it wasn't on. It was a mint barrel group that was in my bin, so it was already off. You know how long it took me to adjust my hop up? It took me about 20 seconds and 10 BBs.

As for taking a long time to rechrono... That's a shitty situation. If nobody was shooting hot, blame the kid that was complaining. If somebody was shooting hot, would you still have complained? I got lit up yesterday and I had bleeders, I didn't complain. Taking time to rechrono isn't because the staff wants to waste people's time. It's because getting airsofters to actually do shit is like herding a bunch of cats. I chronographed YOU and everyone else at the past two of LTs indoor events. It takes time because people come in and have absolutely no idea what their guns are shooting. They come with guns shooting 390 when the limit is 375, and complain TO ME that their gun is hot.
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