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Update: One of my friends hit up Siege yesterday, and he confirms the hopup must be turned OFF when chronying under certain condtions. However, I don't see this wrecking hopups in any manner, so I am tending to believe that OP's claim that Siege wrecked a hopup by turning it off is false. Furthermore, my friend has stated that Siege staff ASK you to turn off the hopup, NOT do it themselves, and ONLY IF the fps is close to 380. If it is well under (340, 350), there is no need to turn off the hopup. Having met members of the staff there several times, and having entirely positive experiences at Siege, this is what I expected to be the case; that they are acting in a reasonable and justified manner.

Could OP's event have happened? I suppose so. I wasn't there, so I can't say if it is true or false. HOWEVER, given my past positive experiences with Siege combined with my friend's answers to my questions regarding this issue, I believe that their current methodology is entirely reasonable.
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