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Huh... That's really strange. The staff I've met there know better. Also, you can't turn on a hopup "all the way" on an rhop because that will actually have a really good chance of ripping the patch. Several staff there have rhops and know this.

I'll hit up Siege sometime soon and post about my experience with the chrony situation. Honestly, I think it was just the whiner being butthurt about being shot in a sensitive spot though... It's hard to tell how hot someone is shooting, especially if the limit is already 380 fps. Complaining about that and the staff retesting everybody just wrecks the whole night. Did you talk to the staff about your opinion and experience afterwards Handsonic? Most of the guys that run Siege are very receptive to feedback and try to implement suggestions quickly.

Edit: I just realized something that doesn't add up. Why would the Siege guys even mess with the hopups? If the hopup is set full on or full off, that will reduce the fps in either case and render the whole point of re-chronying invalid, as it will cause a REDUCED fps reading. As well, hopups will affect fps by what, +- 10 fps? How does a guy tell the difference between 380 and 390 fps by getting shot? Something doesn't seem right...
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