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Okay, so, apparently you guys were either misinformed or something changed very recently. I went to Siege with a bunch of friends, and they turned everyone's hopup all the way down for the chrono test. To make things worse, after one round, everyone entered the arena to play and they made us wait 30 minutes as we lined up single file to get chrono'd AGAIN because some kid got mad and said somebody was shooting hot, and they fucked with the hopups this time too. Nobody was shooting hot.

If setting my hopup was a simple task I wouldn't care, but it takes a LONG time to get the hop up set just right, and these geniuses think it's a good idea to completely ruin it because the 10fps decrease/increase MIGHT make a difference.

$40 to sit around in a cold arena waiting to get your hopup ruined twice is disgusting.
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It's annoying sure, but how is it a horror story like OP said?
Somebody's hopup was destroyed by a Siege employee and they were not reimbursed.

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