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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
when everyone knew everyone and we could all shoot all day and drink all evening with no hard feeling because we'll there were no bad calls lol.
We used to lay at Flag Raiders nearly every weekend with the same group of guys and had the time of our lives.
There was a time when we would go out and play all day and go back to the restaurant where I worked and had a few beers with dinner after the game and just unwind before having to drive home.

Add to that, TRU was even a guest at my wedding. I still have the wedding gift he gave me 15 years later...

But ya, at 43 years old, I am thinking of starting to play again. I am just waiting to find some parts for my MP5k to have a working gun.

Have to admit I had alot of fun with those guys and am hoping that I can find the comradeship again like the "old" days.
Do you have any MP5 accessories that you're looking to get rid of just let me know.
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