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They have it seperated off from the paintball side of the indoor, so there's a speedball field, and then the airsoft field. So the airsoft area is paint free, minus a little leftover greasyness in the 'astro-turf' ground, as it was formerly part of the paintball field.

Basically they've said they want to keep it airsoft only, but it will depend on how much interest they get. If they get enough airsofters to make it financially worthwhile, it will be paint-free. If nobody shows up to play and they start going broke, they'll think about opening it up to paintballers.

It is definitely small. But the layout isn't bad, it's got two 2-story areas that can quickly change the progression of a game, and for those of us where a winter commute to Flag Raiders becomes kind of an iffy proposition, it's basically the only indoor option available to us. Besides, get a good group of guys out, and you've got yourself a decent night of fast cqb, with lots of short intense firefights.
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