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Originally Posted by Anvil View Post
Looks good!

Some criticism to take home.

For a more authentic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. look, I would go for a EO-19 PBF Soviet respirator. It just looks much closer to the masks seen in game.

Other than that, get out in the field and age that loadout. You're the cleanest stalker I've ever seen!

That being said, it looks excellent and there's no missing what your inspirations were. Good job!
I am now looking into replacing the lenses of a gp4 (wasn't in game but was in a fair amount of concept art... and on snorks I guess)

Or getting a pbf and cutting away some mask to install goggles with a fan overtop. If fields don't like that I can fall back to this face cover.

Yes I need to go roll in some filth for a bit. Also decided to order some radioactive morale patches to put one on shoulder and maybe one on the backpack. Will grind them into the ground with my heel a bit before sewing em on.
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