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It's iffy. I mostly use the mask in private. But if I'll take it to a game, I'll bring the lexan piece they were cut out of, it has the info on it. If not, I'm happy with my ballistic goggles.

I pulled a bit of an experienced stalker idea when I built my kit... "Danilo is a seasoned "hunter" - mainly of artifacts, goods, and information, but occasionally people and mutants. Most of his work has been done with Clear Sky, the Ecologists, and the Loners, although he has taken odd contracts with Duty and Freedom. He loathes being called a merc more than anything, even Bandits and Mercs - people have disappeared after blatantly advertising (or deriding) him as a hired gun. Danilo has been in the Zone for a while, having found himself far more useful and satisfied in the Zone than he did outside. Has done his share of working for others, trading goods, and surviving. He is inclined to follow a diplomatic and persuasive way of dealing with others, but will not hesitate to use his weapons and wits to disorient, manipulate, overcome, and dispatch any hostile force that stands between him and his trophy. You will usually find Danilo to be quiet and reclusive, but he will become a friendly, if a bit cynical and dark-humored, guy when sitting around the fire or at the bar. Knows some guys who know some guys, and is on a first-name basis with Sidorovich, Sakharov, and Lebedev - such good standing allows him to slowly but regularly smuggle quality, reliable equipment through the Cordon, as well as customize it. Don't expect to see Danilo with any extravagant equipment, that is if you see him at all - as a hunter, he is skilled at making himself unnoticed to most."

Sure, look around and see what you like. If you look at the ingame models, you'll see the presence of modular Web/ALICE/MOLLE gear, it's difficult to at first because there are a lot of custom elements added in. An olive drab chestplate will serve you well if you want to do anything except Ecologists and Duty. If you need any help or pointers, pm me and I will help out as much and as soon as I can. Whereabouts are you from, fellow STALKER?
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