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Haha, well there's a few of us here who do STALKER inspired outfits, myself included. I love the game series, the storyline, and the general idea behind it (BTW, read the Strugatsky brothers' book "Roadside Picnic" and watch Andrey Tarkovsky's movie "The Stalker" if you want the full experience).

I like your kit. It looks above the usual lowest-level, unimaginative stuff commonly seen on the internet. It looks well-worn but not tattered and ragged. It does look like it has been cobbled together from whatever a cold, tired, surviving Loner got his hands on while still getting himself accustomed the Zone. Let's give you a background story: "A very lucky Loner, one might add - when the technician in the base at Agroprom needed to fix the dying transceiver so they wouldn't be cut off from the rest of the Zone, he went looking for parts in the Garbage to prove himself. Not only did he find the parts, he also found two veteran bandits reminiscing their butchering of a 5-man Loner patrol - the one whose screams echoed on the transceiver just yesterday after sundown. While the bastards were merrily getting drunk on an old truck bench, our Loner crept down and put a bullet in the head of the younger one, then slowly dragged his sharp knife across the throat of the older one, avenging his fallen comrades. He came back a hero, but also a much richer man, having looted money, food, a new respirator, many boxes of bullets... as well as a very rare rifle, whose devastating power was matched only by its deathly silence."

The problem is that the STALKER idea has been altered far too much due to a common but huge misinterpretation of the game world as a "post-apocalyptic" scenario. A lot of people think that STALKER loadouts should involve the cheapest, scruffiest looking clothes possible, a crappy gun, and a cheap gas mask.

Thing is, the world outside of the Zone is still functioning as normal, since there is a decent selection of relatively modern weapons and armors in the game. STALKERS were not cobbling together Exosuits and FN2000's out of old car parts so I can guarantee to you there is a LOT more room to work with, especially knowing firsthand how the world works back in Eastern Europe.

Try and combine gear from various eras. The photo I added doesn't show my full kit, but I'll list it here:

LCT AK-105 NV base gun
- Polish Tantal style magazines
- Enhanced mag release
- Olive green and wooden mixed furniture
- 500m rear sight (accurate for AK-105)
- TGP-A suppressor (accurate for 5.45x39 AK's)
- tiny Picatinny rail mount on gas tube, with flashlight

First Line
AVTOR Gorka 3K in EMR/Digiflora
Soviet GP-7 gasmask
- surplus filters emptied out for better airflow
- glass lenses replaced with 3mm Lexan lenses
- anti-fog fan on its way
IRT Defender 2 MOLLE in Avizent
SRVV MOLLE Pouches in Olive Green
- 4x AK double mag pouch
- 1x medium radio pouch
- 1x large vertical utility pouch
- 1x medium horizontal utility pouch
- 1x cargo 1-day buttpack

Second Line
USGI old-gen medium pistol belt in Olive Green
- old-gen rubberized Canadian gas mask pouches
- USGI canteen
- old unidentified mess tin "artifact holder"
- Belgian bayonet holder w/ ColdSteel ruber knife

I have stuff on me from 4-5 different nations, whose manufacturing dates spread across 40+ years. I still afford the modernism of a MOLLE armor vest, but it never looks or feels out of place because a good part of my kit is truly cobbled together from surplus stuff I found and bought for cheap. And the best part is, it works perfectly while also looking great.

My body armor offers the immediate necessities for combat and unforeseen emergencies. The buttpack carries additional equipment for longer games, cooking, heating, comfort. The belt is what I put on if I'll be out in inclement conditions, for longer than 24 hours, or am in an environment where I need to be completely autonomous and can not/will not retreat to a "safe zone" (i.e. long milsim games, private games, survival scenario games, etc). I assembled all my kits based on items I had available/could source from work/could easily make myself. Nothing is for show, everything is geared towards functionality and autonomy. I am trying to source a good quality small backpack that I can transfer the belt contents to, for more comfort and ease of use. I'd then probably keep one gas mask bag as a filter holder, and the other turn into a dump pouch.

But as you see, there is a lot of room to work with, and your possibilities are endless! That's the greatest thing about doing STALKER loadouts. SSO/Sposn makes a SMERSH harness for VSS Vintorez, you can also get a chest rig and VSS pouches from SRVV, or check surplus military stores.

Take care, and good luck!

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