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Originally Posted by ravan318 View Post
Thanks! And I wonder if it's even possible to upgrade the pistols at all(which I believe can't)
WE has "Canadian Version" GBB pistols which have a long tightbore inner barrel from the factory. They are rated by the manufacture to be above 366 FPS and importable. I think this type of WE GBB pistols are being sold by T****** Airsoft and Airsoft D****.
(Based on my chrono they only reached 360-ish with the long inner barrel.)

Some airsoft pistols with CO2 magazine as stock magazine are also rated for high FPS by the manufacture. There are also Canada based venders selling airsoft pistols imported this way.

If you get a oversea vender to put a long inner barrel or a CO2 magazine on the pistol you ordered, and ask them to chrono it, print you a chrono report, and ship it to Canada, such FPS rating is provided by the vender. Would CBSA trust it as much as manufacture rating? If they don't, your gun will be send to RCMP for chrono, I heard it is a long and painful process.
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