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Originally Posted by ASCWil View Post
I don't understand why the UAR V2 has such a low retail value even though it has all the makings of a good stock gun. The full metal gear box, hop up, ergo design. Only flaws would be the motor, spring, barrel and maybe the mag well.

Actually the UAR has all the makings of a junker, bargain basement gun.

"Metal gear box" is a selling point like a car with "rubber tires:" I'd be very suspicious about any mechbox that isn't metal.

And all guns have hop up (but not all guns have good hop up).

The price, especially in Canada, really isn't that low for what you're getting (about average value-for-money for that grade gun).

As for the ICS L85, as Redzaku mentioned, it's got a lot more metal. The receiver is actually steel, not just pot metal. I haven't seen the APS UAR in person but I'd be willing to bet the polymer on the ICS L85 is a lot nicer quality than the plastic on the UAR. And last but not least you've got a pretty good gear box, barrel, etc out of the box.

Also, the Canadian pricing on the L85 -- CDN$415 at Airsoft Depot vs. ~USD$380 overseas -- makes it a good deal for Canadians. Sure, the UAR may be $150-200 cheaper out the gate, but swap out just the inner barrel, motor and hopup for something better and you're up to about $150 already, and you haven't even touched the mechbox. And its still an all plastic gun. So is it really a better deal in the end?

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