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Hello! I'm 33 (looking into age verifying shortly) in London Ontario and 100% new to airsoft but have been keeping tabs on the sport from my computer screen for a number of years.

I was really curious about paintball when it started to pick up steam but never got into it. Then airsoft came and I was blown away by how fast the rifles and pistols went up in quality and replicated their real counterparts exactly.

I never got into airsoft due to having many other things on my plate and none of my friends were interested when they can just stay at home and play Call of Duty. Now that I spend so much time working sitting down (Graphic Designer), I've been longing for something to do where I can meet some people, have some fun and get out of the house, move around...

So looking forward to meeting some people in London in my age range to join in on the fun with!
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