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(seven-day bump, sorry! didn't see any other intro threads)

Heya! I'm Aero. Been playing airsoft for a little more than a year, been lurking as a guest on the site here and there. Finally decided to make an account and join in. Haven't been playing regularly, but I'm definitely gonna get back into it. Every game I've played so far has been at Panther.

As for equipment, I've already got a couple AEG's... JG AUG (regret) and G&G UMG45 (regret). Also got a tri-shot springer shotty because I like being a badass. CQB sucks against handguns with it. regret.

Hoping to make some friends around here, maybe join up in a squad... any other Delta residents in the house?

Proud owner of an AUG, an AUG, and pieces of an AUG.

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