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Get a case or a bag for it and you can transport it. Treat it exactly as you would a real firearm. Do not think it is cool to go walking in public showing off your gun. You will be "tased bro" (at best).

I frequently fire off my gun in my apartment, I have a specifically designed target to fire at tho, as I do not wish to damage my walls or other items. I do not spend more then ten minutes doing it tho, but you can explain it as a nail gun or something if someone ever asks...which they wont.

If its electric you have nothing to worry about.

I live in an apartment myself, and in the past few years have never had a single problem chronoing or test firing my guns.
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Is he a spambot or is he a francophone? I really can't tell the difference sometimes.
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This is one of the funniest things I've read.
Commandment 1 of LMGesus: Fuck getting kills. That's the job of your teammates, otherwise known as the cannon fodder. Your job is to be scary.

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