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Shooting in my place in downtown Toronto?

Have a bit of an unconventional question about these. I've never actually shot a gun before, but I know that airsoft guns are often used in high speed photography as things explode/break.

i.e. stuff like this:

Given this is in a "controlled environment", does it really matter which one I get or would the cheapest do? Accuracy would be important though, I guess.

Secondly - and most importantly - CAN I even shoot this in my home? I live in a condo in downtown Toronto. Are these things quite loud - would someone think gun shots are happening? Could I legally carry it around i.e. to a friend's place to do the same thing there?

I'm admittedly quite uninformed about airsoft guns, and also most interested in using it in an unconventional way

(if anyone has any ideas for an alternative to using an airsoft gun, I'm all ears!)
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